The zen of puppies

Breathe and reflect


Taking on a puppy is not always a great deal of fun - it can be messy and smelly. But if you're doing it right, it will really challenge some of your ideas about your puppy and even yourself.

There is a great deal to learn about yourself, your relationships, what motivates you and others when you learn to interact with a dog.

Take a deep breath. Getting the foundations right now will set you and your dog up for the next developmental stage at about 9 months: the teenager!

Be patient with yourself and your puppy.  But don't make excuses - 'he's still a puppy'.

If you lose your temper or get behaviour you don't want, step back, take the time to reflect on your own behaviour. Analyse and think about what led to that point. How have you contributed to what's happening now, and how can you best respond?