Don't have the dog on the couch or beds

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This one is widely known, but curiously all too seldom and often selectively applied. 

It is usually accompanied by a range of exclusion clauses and self-serving exceptions, like 'he only lies on his blanket on the couch', or 'he's only allowed up when I ask him', or 'he's only allowed on that chair.'

Frankly, the dog doesn't care about your exceptions!  He only cares about who in your social structure is controlling valuable resources. 

If you're not bothered about the state of your furniture, care about the effect of this subtle message about the control of resources on your dog.

It matters because puppies - no matter how cute - are a social pack animal, and sharing space with other pack members confers and confirms status. 

In the domestic environment, it is most practical and easy to have a blanket and easily followed rule that says, no dogs on furniture.... and if you have a cat, allowing only the cat and humans on furniture really helps confirm that the cat is actually in charge of everyone!