VarioGate System

  • Fully adjustable to for most station wagons and SUVs

  • Allows maximum use of boot

  • Adjustable in Height, Width and Length as well as the angle

  • Built-In key lock for security

  • Powder-coated steel

  • Installs easily with load-tested straps to anchor points

  • Leash hooks included

  • No vehicle modification


The VarioGate

The MIMSafe Variogate comes in three different adjustable WIDTH sizings.

Select the product that will adequately cover the width of the boot opening.

Adjustable Width : 955-1120 $1100

Adjustable Width : 955-1275 $1,265.00

Adjustable Width : 955–1430 $1,299.00

Depth, Height and Angle are also adjustable. Measurements are the same on all three gates.

Adjustable Depth 820-1300 Adjustable Height 620-960 Adjustable Angle 62-90o


The VarioGate Divider

The VarioGate Divider is an optional accessory for the MIM Safe VarioGate. It provides two separate spaces for dogs, or your shopping or outdoor gear.

The VarioGate Divider can also be adjusted to the left or right by 9cm / 3.5in to allow one side to be smaller or larger than the other.

The VarioGate Divider is available in Short or Long adjustable sizes for a wide variety of vehicles.

Short - $550

Adjustable Depth 750-1000mm H 755mm W 780mm

Long - $550

Adjustable Depth 950-1300mm H 755mm W 780mm


VarioBarrier HR

Universal cargo barrier for passenger safety.

Successfully tested to the level of ISO 27955.

Use the VarioBarrier HR with the VarioGate or on its own to create the optimal use of your boot.

The VarioBarrier HR attaches to the head rest poles and is adjustable to most vehicles.

Protects occupants from loose items in the luggage area during a sudden or abrupt stop.

Keeps pets from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in an accident.

The VarioBarrier comes is two sizes:

Regular - $388

Height: Minimum 230 mm and maximum 305 mm (placed 50 mm above the rear seats and 50 mm under the ceiling, gives cover of 415 mm)

Width: Minimum 770 mm and maximum 1465 mm (leave space for the side airbag curtains)

Medium - $433

Height: Minimum 365 mm and maximum 440 mm

Width: Minimum 870 mm and maximum 1565 mm (leave space for the side airbag curtains)