The Industrious Hound philosophy

The Industrious Hound is intelligent and thinking. He is fit and healthy, and fulfilled. He is quirky and fun. He is allowed to be a dog.

He thrives because you understand your and your dog's behaviour, and you lead the dog's dynamic social structure with simple and consistent boundaries, and gentle reward-based training and positive reinforcement. 

The Industrious Hound is a good citizen. He can go anywhere. He is relaxed and free from anxiety and fear.  He is peaceful and respectful. He is safe.

Equipment and Training


Engineered and built in Sweden, MIM Construction AB has developed the MimSafe range of solutions for your dog to travel in safety.

With unique crash-tested safety features and practical and stylish design, MimSafe keeps you and your dog safe and comfortable on every car journey.




I train you for your dog. I will challenge you and perhaps your ideas.

You will be given the Strong Foundations to prevent, identify or address problem behaviour, understand the weird things your dog does, or just let go of anxiety and have more fun.

Your training is just the beginning for you and your dog. As with any new skill, time, patience and practice pay off. But if you need extra support from time to time, you can call or email, or get a little more one-on-one time when you’re ready.