About Richard

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Originally from the UK, Richard has been involved with dog training activities professionally since 1999. He has a passion for gundogs and has owned German Short Haired Pointers, and English Springer and Cocker Spaniels.

In 1999, Richard started training at the Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray as a ‘pro-active’ Drugs Detection Dog and Cash Detection Dog Handler for HM Customs and Excise - now UK Border Force - at the world’s busiest international airport, London Heathrow.


Richard’s first operational role was as handler of Bodie in a trial of cash detection dogs. The trial proved a success when Richard applied then avant-garde approaches to work his dog in passenger and freight areas. Cash dogs now routinely work in this way throughout the UK.

In 2003, Richard moved to South Africa to finish post-graduate study. He continued working with dogs as a volunteer trainer at Pretoria’s Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre. This role especially exposed Richard to a wide variety of dogs and behavioural problems, and his contribution helped reduce kennel stress and improve the welfare of the dogs before they found a new home. 

Cintsa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Cintsa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Laneway, St Kilda

Laneway, St Kilda

Richard continued to help dog owners when he moved to New Zealand.

He moved to Melbourne in 2011 and now lives in Richmond.

Richard also works with The Career Project to help High School students (16+yrs), university students and mature-age individuals who are considering a career change.