Travel safe with MimSafe

Coming soon to the MimSafe range!



Car Seat Pet Carriers

For safe transport on the front or rear seat of your vehicle ideal for small dogs, cats or birds.

From $495-$595



For campers, trailers, utes and vans. Connect multiple crates with the bracket accessory.

Single: $1250-$1400 Double: $1800-$2000


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The MimSafe range


I am delighted to provide the MimSafe range in Victoria for Black Hound Enterprises.

Engineered and built in Sweden, MIM Construction AB has developed the MimSafe range of solutions for travelling with your dog.

With unique crash-tested safety features and practical and stylish design, MimSafe keeps you and your dog safe and comfortable on every car journey.


Select the right MimSafe product for you 

You can also refer to this quick guide and check the MimSafe model selector. You can then make a selection according to your dog, vehicle and budget.

Save 5% off a VarioCage or VarioGate system when you buy through me and do 3.5, 5 or 10 hours training.

The VarioCage

The VarioCage is the only crash-tested crate in Australia. It keeps your dog safe in collisions by containing him in a protective safety 'cage'. It also keeps the car free from dirt and drool!


Easily installed without modifying the vehicle, and easily removed, the VarioCage comes in14 different sized models for just about any car and dog, and a removable divider in double crates creates even more room without compromising safety.

  • From $1050 to $2450


The VarioGate system

The MIMSafe VarioGate modular system gives you ultimate utility, flexibility and style.

The VarioGate works on its own or with the VarioBarrier HR and VarioDivider to turn your entire boot area into one large crate for one or two dogs, or keeps a separate space for shopping or outdoor gear.

The VarioGate

The VarioGate



  • VarioGate $1100 - $1299

  • Vario Divider $550

The VarioBarrier HR

The crash-tested VarioBarrier HR turns any car boot space into a secure and comfortable area just for your dog. 

  • Vario Barrier HR

    Width: 770 – 1465 mm Height: 230 – 305 mm $388 (regular)

    Width: 870 – 1565 mm Height: 365 – 440 mm $433 (medium)

BMW-X5  VarioBarrier HR.jpg

The MimSafe roll mat


The MimSafe roll mat protects the bumper from scratches, and prevents pets from slipping when entering vehicle. The roll mat fastens in the rear cargo loops.

  • Length = 85cm Width = 80cm $100

  • Length = 85cm Width = 95cm $110


The CoverAll

The CoverAll is made from durable nylon to protect the car interior. On its own, or with your new VarioGate or VarioCage it will keep your car spotless!

  • Regular model - $99

  • Deluxe with built in rear bumper cover - $119

  • Width =1200 mm, Depth = 1110 mm, Height = 600mm

MIMSafe VarioDrawer

The adjustable MIMSafe VarioDrawer with crumple zone can be used on its own or with the crash-tested VarioCage in flat-floored vehicles. In four sizes, it provides additional lockable and neat storage for your equipment and supplies.

Vario cage drawer.jpg
  • Designed and produced in Sweden

  • Corrosion treated surfaces

  • Maximum work-load capacity 35 kg

  • Drawer withstands up to 200 kg distributed on the upper surface

  • Divider kit and straps included

variodrawer low.jpeg
drawer vario 2.jpg

Large high: 

Adjustable external L: 90.5cm to 110.5cm
External dimensions W: 111cm H: 19.2cm
Internal dimensions: W: 103cm H: 15.5cm L:80cm

  • $880

Large low:

Adjustable external L: 90.5cm to 110.5cm
External dimensions W: 111cm H: 11.2cm
Internal dimensions: W: 103cm H: 7.5cm L:80cm

  • $820

Medium high:

Adjustable external L: 90.5cm to 110.5cm
External dimensions W: 101cm H: 19.2cm
Internal dimensions: W: 93cm H: 15.5cm L:80cm

  • $840

Medium low:

Adjustable external L: 90.5cm to 110.5cm
External dimensions W: 101cm H: 11.2cm
Internal dimensions: W: 93cm H: 7.5m L:80cm

  • $780

The Water Bowl


The stainless steel, spill-proof water bowl hooks directly onto all VarioCage models. Give your dog access to fresh water during your journeys.

  • $40


The MimSafe leash hooks


Leash hooks - for the VarioCage. (The VarioGate comes fitted with two leash hooks.)

  • One pair: $25

Sheepskin bedding


Sheepskin bedding. Soft and luxurious and100% Australian owned and processed sheepskin pelts available in Black, White, and the  popular Exotic Brown. Warm in winter, cool in summer. No toxic chemicals are used in the tanning process.

  • White and black - 60-100mm wool length: $150

  • Exotic brown, natural and un-dyed, Merino, 25mm wool length: $79

Vario sheepskin.jpeg

I provide products on behalf of Blackhound Enterprises in Victoria, and apply that company’s refund and return policy.