The MimSafe roll mat protects the bumper from scratches, and prevents pets from slipping when entering vehicle. The roll mat fastens in the rear cargo loops.

Length = 85cm Width = 80cm $100

Length = 85cm Width = 95cm $110



Spill-proof water bowl

The stainless steel Variocage spill proof water bowl hooks directly onto all Variocage models. Give your dog access to fresh water during your journeys



The MimSafe leash hooks

Leash hooks - for the VarioCage. (The VarioGate comes with leash hooks)

One pair: $25


The CoverAll is made from durable nylon to protect the car interior.

On its own, or with your new VarioGate or VarioCage it will keep your car spotless!

Width =1200 mm, Depth = 1110 mm, Height = 600mm

Regular model - $99

Deluxe with built in rear bumper cover - $119 (Note: the Deluxe works best on its own or with the VarioBarrier HR)

Sheepskin bedding

Available in Black, White, and the popular Exotic Brown. Warm in winter, cool in summer.

No toxic chemicals are used in the tanning process.

White and black - 60-100mm wool length: $150

Exotic brown, natural and un-dyed, Merino, 25mm wool length: $79