Strong foundations

1.5 hours:  $150

Who is this session for?

This session is ideal for the owner of any dog of any age who wants to prevent, manage or eliminate negative behaviours or promote positive behaviours. You will need to understand and apply the foundation skills for all training.

What will I learn?

The dog is a social pack animal which craves competent leadership. Well-intended but poor leadership is the root cause of many nuisance or distressing behaviours. In the Strong foundations session, you will learn how to lead your pack. These basic and essential skills for living with all dogs are likely to bring positive change immediately.

This session provides you with the gentle, powerful and highly effective tools to take control of your pack, large or small. You will begin to understand your dog, and how to communicate in very practical ways that are meaningful for your dog. 

What will happen?

This intensive, thought-provoking and challenging session lasts about 90 minutes. 

We talk about what you’d like to achieve from your training, and the methods for reaching those goals. I introduce and demonstrate the foundation skills, and ensure that you can perform them.  

I advise we do this session in the home - this is where you can really begin to tackle your problems. Your efforts may not be as effective without others applying the tools I provide, so I advise that other members of your household take part too, or be willing to take your instruction. 

The Three-point-five , Five-point-five or Ten-point-five pass might be for you if you want more support over three to ten weeks, or longer. I advise owners of puppies to start with the Three-point-five pass.

If you want more support or more flexibility, you can buy individual Fun for one hours ($120), three hours ($310), five hours ($500) or 10 hours ($950) of training.