The TÜV approved, crash-tested AllSafe harness

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Made in Germany by transport safety experts, Kleinmetall.

The AllSafe harness is tested and approved by TÜV for safer journeys in the passenger compartment.

  • Crash tested to ISO 27955:2010 (ECE-R17) - up to 1000kg of pressure for (S) and 2000kg of pressure for (M) (L) and (XL)

  • Works in all cars - simply attach to the passenger safety belt

  • Allows your dog to sit and lie down comfortably

  • Soft padding and strong nylon avoids pressure and chafe on the dog

  • Stainless steel buckles and adjustable straps

  • Reflective elements

  • Washable

Important safety notice!

Distracted drivers kill! Keep your dog attached by harness to the rear seatbelt mechanism, or in a crash-tested crate or carrier.

For optimum safety using the AllSafe harness, ensure the harness fits snuggly and the attachment strap is short, to reduce movement.


For the safest journey, we recommend that dogs over 15kg travel in a Variocage, Multicage or with the Variogate system in the luggage compartment.

Find the right sized AllSafe harness for your dog


The AllSafe Harness comes in four sizes:

  • Small (up to 15 kg) $120

  • Medium (15-30 kg) $130

  • Large (30-55 kg) $150

  • XL (+55 kg) $160