Puppies are ruthless and power mad!

No matter how cute, dogs, including puppies, are manipulative. It's simply a matter of survival, and of setting up power and status within the social structure, and controlling resources.


It may seem cute that the puppy - soon to be an adult dog - lies on your feet, or pops his head on your lap for a head tickle, but these, and a whole lot more are simply plays to assert power, manipulate, and secure status. It's nothing personal, it's how animals - including humans - are wired.

The puppy and adult dog are never competent to run a household, it causes stress and anxiety for the dog, and in fact it's dangerous for them and humans for dogs to be given the impression that humans are not above them in the pack.

Learn what behaviours seem 'cute', but are actually manipulative and about asserting status, and learn how to respond so that your behaviour gently and quietly confirms that you are competent to lead your pack, control resources, and are in charge.

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