Resource control - the foundation of a happy home

Dogs are concerned primarily about who is in control of resources - food, shelter, access, 'toys', 'reward'.

Whoever controls resources is in charge, even though the dog will always test that theory!

A strong foundation of training is controlling resources. Start to build strong foundations by taking back control of your resources!

Here's something to get you started:

It's not his bed


Understanding your puppy as a social pack animal changes the way you see yourself and your relationship with him.

When you understand the huge meaning of small things you will see the benefit of setting your human baggage and communication to one side.

A hugely important message is conveyed by controlling the valuable resource of 'exclusive space' - which a puppy and dog don't have - those spaces are yours.  In the domestic situation that means household furniture - beds, couches, armchairs, patio furniture, tables...

Extend this concept of controlling resources to the 'dog's bed' as well.

Move the bed around, from the porch, to the lounge, to the garden, to the kitchen, and send a powerful message by sitting in the 'dog bed'!

They're not his toys either

In the same way the dog bed is actually yours, and from time to time on loan to the puppy, the same applies for toys.

Don't leave toys out.  Get a selected toy out, play with your puppy according to your rules - no jumping, no barking, no teeth - and put the toys away at the end of your game. This is about controlling resources, and gaining status from it.

Reinforce manners and rules by stopping the game and putting the toys away if any rules are broken.

Check out the article on feeding time tips to learn more about controlling the food resource.