Resource control - Feeding time tips


Food sends a very powerful message about control of resources and, by extension, status and authority.

It is also a very useful time to quickly and effectively do some sneaky training.

Control this important resource by changing the time and place you feed, and person who provides food. 

A puppy needs regular feeds, tapering off to one meal a day by about nine months. But within those time windows, you can still vary the time you feed somewhat. 

Also, make sure everyone in the home takes turns to feed the puppy, and if you have a visitor, ask them to feed the dog too!

Feed dogs after a walk so that your dog is more inclined to work harder for food rewards, and use feeding times to reinforce your reward-based training, like recall, or encourage 'cooperation' and 'choice'.

If you want more information about healthy and helpful feeding, or advice about reward-based training, get in touch!