The Five hour program


5 hours:  $500

Who is this pass for?

With 5 hours of support, and your dedication, you are likely to be well on the way to advancing your skills and tackling the trickiest of problems. 

You'll have more time, and support, to embed and apply the wealth of information you receive in the Strong foundation session. 

What will I learn?

As you advance, you learn to analyse your and your dog’s behaviour, identify problems and develop, test, apply and adapt solutions from a range of sources in a wider range of real-world situations.

You can progress as quickly or as slowly as you and your dog need. 

What will happen?

Over 5 hours you will build your knowledge and skills. 

We start with the intensive and information-packed Strong foundation session.

When we've completed the Strong foundation element, we use remaining hours flexibly, typically over two or three weeks.I'll help you fine-tune what you learnt, and we’ll address any questions that you've had since we last met, and together we'll solve any new problems.