Learn to play!

Why do dogs need to play?


It sounds obvious, but play is essential for the dog's mental and physical stimulation, but naturally so you can interact positively and constructively with your dog.

Perhaps less obvious, you need to play with your puppy so they learn what games are, and very importantly, what the rules of the games are, and are not.

Dogs who have not been taught meaningful play will often express their mental and physical needs in destructive, harmful or undesireable ways. And you may very well be rewarding that!

Sensible rules are no barking, four paws on the ground, no teeth on cloth or skin, and no tug-of-war.

When the rules are broken, the game ends.

Productive games channel the dog's natural talents, like retrieving or tracking, for example.

Games, and the mental stimulation, and reinforced 'manners' and pack order that go along with them will make your puppy and adult dog a delight to live with!

If you need help creating and teaching constructive games, get in touch!