Training is the new normal

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"Training" your puppy is really not just going to a puppy class once a week, or teaching your puppy a new trick - sure it's a start, but it doesn't end there.

Training never ends! Training is just a way of being. Forever!

It doesn't doesn't take any more time out of your busy day - it's about using your time wisely, creatively and purposefully.

Think instead of 'training' as being just the way you live life. Every interaction with your dog is training, and every interaction is an opportunity to learn or reinforce teaching - for you and your dog.

For example, use feeding time to reinforce recall, use a walk to the kitchen to reinforce pack order, make games reinforce your rules... even doing nothing is doing something if you're switched on to what reward means.

If you need help to make training your simple new normal, get in touch!