What I offer

The puppy program is designed for you and your new puppy's needs.  Together,we can create a dog to be proud of.

Puppies very quickly become adult dogs, and what you do today will make a lifetime of difference to you and your dog.

When you build on Strong foundations, you have the knowledge to have a happy, fulfilled and relaxed dog, and the skills and confidence for a life-time with your dog.

You will learn the skills for a lifetime of learning and fun by understanding the world from your dog's perspective, applying a behavioural approach, and gaining sophisticated knowledge.

Naturally, you'll learn the basics of sit, down, wait, and the essential recall - and no doubt some more beside.  But we'll apply your new skills in the real world - at home, in the street, in the park.

Individual and personalised, one-on-one sessions start at 3.5 hours, but I advise 5 hours to cover the content that will set you up right.

Hours are used flexibly, typically over two or three weeks; sometimes a session will be just an hour, sometimes longer, depending on what we're trying to achieve and how we're progressing. 

Contact me to discuss your needs.


What will you learn?

  • Strong foundations: A sophisticated yet practical understanding of your and your puppy's behaviour, and behavioural and safety-based guidelines provide a simple and reliable foundation for a life-time with dogs.

  • Useful and practical 'obedience': You'll learn the basics like 'sit', 'stay' and the essential 'recall' - but you'll also have the knowledge to build on that and have more and more fun with your dog.

  • Reward, choice, control and consent: Basic to advanced understanding and application of reward, choice, control and consent will set you and your puppy up for on-going learning and fun.

  • Problem-prevention: When you understand behaviour and reward, you are well on the way to preventing problem behaviour

  • Educational fun: Keep your puppy healthy in body and mind by teaching meaningful, stimulating and problem-solving games.