This page provides a range of resources and links to further information and reading related to training dogs, and their health and welfare.


Product - dog transport

I use Variocage to transport dogs.

Swedish made and crash-tested, The Variocage is ideal for transporting any size of dog in comfort and safety for the dog and driver.


Article - training - Lightning/fireworks

This article provides some useful information for dealing with a dog's fear of loud noises, like thunder and fireworks.


Product- dog training and play

Kong provides a range of products that are ideal for reinforcing positive behaviour, reward-based training and appropriate and stimulating play.


Article - Training - Barking

This article provides some basic information to get you started on tackling nuisance barking.


Article - training - fireworks

This article provides more information about tackling a dog's fear of fireworks


Product - the VarioCage

The VarioCage safe transport system from Sweden is crash tested to protect your dog.  The Industrious Hound's dogs only travel in a VarioCage!