One hour: $120

Who is this session for?

This session is ideal for the owner of any dog of any age who wants to prevent, manage or eliminate negative behaviours or promote positive or desired behaviours.

You will need to understand and apply the foundation skills for this session. Fun-for-one can take you from novice to advanced handler.

What will I learn?

Fun-for-one builds on what you learnt and applied in the Strong foundations session.

This hour-long, one-on-one session is intensive and challenging, and the learning curve is steep.  But it’s fun and active!

You will learn and apply the steps towards the learning goal you identify.

This session provides you with practical and gentle behavioural tools and methods for you to practise and repeat.

As you advance, we will begin to develop your ability to analyse your and your dog’s behaviour, and refine your behaviour to achieve an outcome.

What will happen?

This hour-long session is mentally challenging and physically active. This session can take place anywhere.  However, the more complex the environment – like parks – the more demanding the session.  

Throughout this session, you repeatedly draw on and apply the foundation skills in different environments. At the beginning of each session, we review what you learnt in the previous session, you demonstrate what you have been doing, and we discuss and address any questions or problems you might have had in applying what you’ve learnt since we last met.

Then we build the next step. I introduce and demonstrate the new technique and skills, and ensure that you can perform them to practise and repeat until our next visit.

If you want more support or more flexibility, you can buy additional Fun for one hours ($120), three hours ($310), five hours ($500) or 10 hours ($950).