Beautiful dogs in stunning locations


I'm always looking to connect with other people who share my vision for sharing a life with dogs. 

I've recently teamed up with award-winning Luke David Photography to combine his love and talent in capturing beautiful landscapes and my love of seeing dogs out and about and living life to the full.

Needless to say, many of Luke's subjects don't move quite as quickly as his subjects on this shoot!

We started in the You Yangs, just to Melbourne's west. We had an early start, but the sun was bright and the sky was crystal clear. Luke had scouted some likely locations on previous trips, and my job was to wrangle two dogs!

A couple of days later we headed down to the cafes and hub-bub of St Kilda. There's always plenty going on there, and Erik, my dog, was quite stimulated by all the frenetic activity, and new sights and sounds.


On the final day, we headed out to Warrandyte, east of Melbourne. The Yarra river at Warrandyte is a favourite of dog walkers, and a great place to head any day, but especially on a hot day when humans and dogs can cool off in the pools or river water where, if you're lucky you can spot a platypus.

Combining Luke's and my visions has produced some beautiful shots, not only of the locations, but of the dogs too. I've created a gallery to showcase our work, and I'll add to it over time

If you are inspired to capture professional, high quality images of your dog doing what he does best, contact me, or Luke.